Is Shubhbandhan for a particular community or cast?

Shubhbandhan is Exclusively for all Gujaratis, Kutchis and Marwaris Communities.

What membership plans do you offer

Shubhbandhan offers two types of services online (web based) and personalized. 

Whether free membership is offered? And what is paid membership?

Yes, for Online membership, members can choose free or paid membership. For more details Check the 'Membership Plans' to know benefits of paid membership

What is personalized service?

Personalized service is for those members who  do not wish to show their profile on the web-site, but would like to receive suitable match directly from us. 

What is difference between free and paid membership?

Free members can not access contact details of other members. Whereas paid members can access contact details of all types of members. Chat option is available to only paid (premium) members.

After registration how much times it will take upload my profile and when can I log in?

For security reasons, after registration member will get a link by email. Clicking on this link will verify member’s email id. Once verification is completed, member can log in after 24 hours. Member’s profile will be uploaded only after 24 hours of successful verification.

How long after the payment takes place, does it take for my profile to get added on the website?

Once we receive your payment, it takes a maximum 24 hours for us to display your profile on the website.

On what basis do you accept or reject memberships?

We have a very basic criteria for accepting profiles. We reject profiles that contain obscenity, profanity, and anything that’s offensive.

What is the procedure for creating and uploading a profile on your website?

Registration is a simple process. You create a username and password. The username is nothing but your email id. Once you have created a login , the next step consists of the completing form where you have to provide details about your education, family, expectation etc. You can modify your profile anytime later by logging in with your username and password.

How do I edit the information in my profile?

Click on 'My Profile' in the main menu. Then go to 'View Profile'. Click on 'edit profile' Icon. You can make changes to your profile.

Can I change the photograph on my profile?

Yes, you can. Click on “My Profile” in the Main Menu. There is an option 'Manage Photo'  Next,  browse and proceed to upload your new picture.

How often can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile as many times as you want.

How long will it take for the modifications to reflect on my profile?

Modifications to profiles also undergo a validation process. This does not take more than 24 hrs.

Can I change my password once my login is created?

Yes you can reset your password. Infact, we suggest you change your password on a regular basis for security reasons.

Can I share my password with friends/relatives?

We advice you not to do so. Remember that anybody who knows your login/password can modify your profile.

How can I obtain the contact details of other members?

Contact details of members are displayed in their profiles. However only premium (paid) members can contact other members.

Is there a restriction on the number of members I can contact ?

Yes, there is restriction as per the Membership Plan you select.

What information should I provide in my profile?

You simply need to provide the information asked in the Registration form.

Is it compulsory to provide a photograph in my profile?

No, it is not compulsory, but good to provide a photograph, as our experience tells us that a nice well-shot picture greatly increases your chances of being contacted by interested members.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer online/offline modes of payment. You can pay us through a credit card/ cheque or demand draft. Click here for more on this.

How do I convert my free membership into premium (paid)?

Click on 'Membership' in the main menu. Select the suitable Membership Plan and buy Plan. There is a option to upgrate current Membership Plan.

How do I chat with other members?

Only premium members can avail chat option. Members can chat with only other Online members of Shubh Bandhan.